This chick knows how to blow cock

This chick knows how to blow cock
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"Adam," Dad said when we got to his office in the basement, "There are two things we need to talk about before I give you your birthday present. First and foremost, I'm going to need you to promise that you'll never tell anyone about it." I started shaking my head and opened my mouth to say, "Sure Dad, I promise," but he cut me off.

"Now, before you answer, you need to know that I'm not kidding. If you agree and then you break that promise, well, let's just say that you'll probably regret it for the rest of your life." So, what the hell was I going to do?

I promised. Of course I did. "Great. Now, the second thing is, well, I need you to take-off your clothes. Ok, two weeks before my dad gave me quite a variety of porn magazines and his permission to jack-off as much as I wanted for a week. Then he told me not to jack off for a week.

And now, he's sworn me to secrecy and wants me to get naked before he gives me my gift. So I stripped. I got down to my underwear, then with an encouraging nod from my father, I pushed those down too. I was nervous, and even though it seemed that my dick had been hard more than it had been soft in concupiscent gorgeous teen gets drilled hard hardcore massage last week, it was soft now.

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Dad's eyes moved up and down my body. He walked around me, looking me over, with a smile on his face. "I can't believe how fast you've grown-up, son." He stopped in front of me. I felt so small and insignificant, standing naked there in front of my dad.

Then I noticed that his eyes were focused right between my legs. "Looks like you got my dick," gang bang anal creampie bbw said, chuckling.

"How big does it get?" Sure, Billy and I had measured our dicks. My boner was a lot bigger than Billy's. His was only a little over four inches long and no bigger around than a quarter. Mine was six and a half inches long and probably a little bigger around than a silver-dollar. I was too embarrassed, however, to tell my dad that I knew the exact measurements. "Here boy, let me see." And with that, he reached out and grabbed my dick. I felt a hot rush of blood and knew that it would be hard within a few seconds.

Dad gave my dick a couple strokes, and sure enough I got hard as a rock. "Damn, boy," Dad actually sounded surprised.

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"It looks like you've inherited your daddy's big dick. It's almost as big as mine, and you've surely got a few years to grow yet." That comment made my embarrassment falter and I felt some confidence and pride fill me. And, well, there was also the feeling of my dad's hand on my dick. For some reason, it felt better than Billy's. If he'd rubbed it any longer, I would have popped. It had been so long since I'd jacked-off and I was aching to come. "Adam, you know in some cultures a boy becomes a man when he turns twelve.

Tonight, you're going to become a man." he reached to the keypad beside the door and punched-out a code.

A green light lit at the top of the keypad and there was a click. Dad opened the big door, and I was so surprised at what I saw, my erection wilted quickly. There was a long hallway that appeared to t-off at the end, continuing beyond my sight. There were two doors on either side of the hallway, spread far apart, each with a keypad similar to the one Dad just used.

The thought struck me that the hallway must have been at least twice as long as the house, so it must have extended under the yard, and further, maybe. There was a glowing light, making everything seem rather yellow. As we entered, the big door closed behind us. I turned to look, and saw another keypad for entry back into the office. I followed dad down the hallway, and as we passed one of big lun and samal pussy xxx doors, I know I heard something, or someone behind it.

Walking, the hallway seemed longer than it had looked. I started to really wonder what was going on. What was this place? Had this been here my whole life? Right under my bedroom, and I've never known about it. What did Dad do here? I'd only ever seen him and Greta ever go into his office. Well, and my uncles, Glen and Riley. We got to the end of the hallway and Dad turned to the left at the 'T'. I looked to the right and the hallway darkened before I could see how long it was.

There was a bit more light in the direction we were headed. We went down the hallway a bit then Dad stopped at another door, complete with keypad. "The code is your birthday," he said, pointing at the pad, "Month, day and year. Go ahead and punch it in, your present is inside." My finger was shaking as I pressed the numbers on the keypad.

Except the first time I punched-in the current year, not the year I was born. A red light shined that time, and there was no click. Dad laughed and explained what I'd done wrong and told me to try again. This time the green light came on and I heard the click. "Happy birthday, Adam." I opened the door and, with my heart beating a mile-a-minute, I looked inside.

It looked like a small apartment. The room had a cozy sitting area, a small kitchen, a big bed, and a curtained-off area that I assumed was a bathroom. The most amazing thing was that there were two kids, my age or a bit younger, just as naked as I was, sitting on the edge of the bed.

They looked very much alike, although one was a boy and the other was a girl. I stared at the dark-haired, dark eyes, copper-skined, naked boy and girl a moment, then looked back to my dad.

He must have seen the confusion on my face, because he chuckled a moment, and with a quick glance at the two kids, he said, "Adam, I want you to meet Joe and Marie, they're your birthday present." I guess the confused look was still on my face, so Dad continued.

"You said that you liked both boys and girls, so I got you one of each. They're twins, brother and sister, I hope you like them." there was a thought forming in my mind, amid the chaotic cloud of confusion.

He went on, "Joe and Marie are here to do whatever you want with." And with a wink and a nudge to my shoulder, he added, "And I mean anything." The idea was becoming clearer, but I still didn't believe it possible. Surely he wasn't saying. "Adam, son," and with a hand on my shoulder, he guided me into the room. The door closed behind us and I heard the click, "when you walk back through this door, you will no longer be a virgin.

Are you ready for that?" Holy Fuck! I shook my head numbly. "Go over and say, 'Hi,' to them." I slowly walked toward them. There wasn't any more than maybe ten or twelve feet between us. They looked at me with somewhat vacant expressions on their faces. "Hi," I said. "Are you Adam?" The girl asked, her voice was high and sweet. Her hair was dark, thick and long, falling almost to the mattress she was sitting on. She had an exotic look curvy black girl london banks gets dicked her, dark eyes, high cheek-bones and a dimple in her chin.

I nodded and mumbled affirmatively. "It's nice to meet you, Adam," the boy said, with a tiny bit lower voice, but sweet sounding none the same. "I'm Joe." He looked almost the same as her, except his hair was shorter and his eyes were bright blue. The contrast between his cinnamon-skin and dark hair, and those bright blue eyes was startling. He stood and extended his hand. He was a bit shorter than me, a bit skinnier, but I saw that he had a thicker patch of hair between his hips than I did.

"And I'm Marie," the girl said, also standing and reaching out for me. Well, Joe didn't let go of my hand, so she put her hand on both of ours, and for a moment, we stood there looking at each other. It was the first time I'd seen a real, live girl naked. And she looked good. Her boobs were still a bit small, but it was clear that they were on their way.

And I was fascinated by the little dark-patch between her hips, and the crease in the skin below it. "Adam," it was my dad's voice and at first it startled me. I guess I'd sort of forgotten he was there. college amateur teen lesbian pussy oral hazing and Marie are here to please you." then at the dark-haired kids, "Aren't you guys?" "Yes sir," they both said, in perfect unison, taking quick glances at my father, then looking back at me.

The girl looked into my eyes and continued talking. The boy looked down my body. "I'm glad you're cute, Adam," Marie said, "I can't wait to feel your cock inside me." I'm sure I blushed through a whole plethora of shades of red. I looked at my dad. He smiled and asked, "Have you ever kissed a girl, Adam?" I shook my head.

"Well, I know that Marie is a great kisser," then he looked at her, "Aren't you sweetie?" She responded, with a huge smile, "Yes, sir," then she looked back at me and said, "You can kiss me, if you want." So, I did. And it was great. And before I realized what had happened, our naked bodies were pressed together and I felt my dick starting to grow.

Marie felt it growing as well and after a moment, she broke the kiss and stepped back to see it. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. "It's really big," Joe said, looking down also.

I looked over to him, and his was hard too. The boy's dick was maybe as big around as mine, but wasn't nearly as long (although his foreskin dangled a bit more than mine did) and the head of Joe's dick was somewhat flat or blunt, whereas mine was longer and more tapered.

"Can I touch it, Adam?" as one, both their voices rang-out in with a sing-song quality. I turned and looked at my dad. I'd never seen such a huge grin on his face and he nodded. So I nodded. Two soft hands gripped my hard dick and started feeling all over it. I cried-out and jumped-back.

Joe and Marie both jumped-back too, sitting quickly back on the bed. I heard Dad chuckling a bit louder.

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"That was close, wasn't it son?" Dad asked under his chuckle. "I tell you want, let me help out a bit." And with that, he told Marie to lay-down on the bed and, saying that since I'd already played-around with another boy, he told Joe to go sit in a chair. "Ok, Adam," and the big grin was still there, "Hop up on the bed with her and do whatever you want.

If you want to kiss her again, do it. If you want to touch her, touch her. My only sister and brother blue films is to try and keep your dick from touching her for a while. The longer hot babe riding a cock with ass and slut can go without blowing your wad, the better it's gonna be." So I kissed Marie again.

I leaned over her, careful to keep my dick away from her, and our lips pressed together. A moment later, she opened her mouth and I felt her tongue pressing at my lips. I heard dad's voice, no longer chuckling and quite soft say, "Open your mouth, son, use your tongue." So I did. And it was great.

We kissed soft, then hard, shallow, then deep. And when I could take it no more, I backed away and took a deep breath.

My dick felt harder than it ever had been before and it was throbbing. I very-well might have come if I'd continued to kiss the young girl.

Without even touching my dick. Dad was chuckling again. "Maybe try sitting back and relaxing a bit, with a hand somewhere on her." I chose her shoulder, but before long, I moved my hand over her skin, my eyes roaming even faster than my hand. "Go ahead, boy, touch her little titties, tell me how they feel." "They feel great, Dad," I said, after getting my first feel of a girls chest, "Thank you." "Happy birthday, Son." I spent a good half hour exploring Marie's body.

Well, I guess I should say I spent about ten minutes on the rest of her body, and then twenty minutes exploring her pussy. I was fascinated. Dad sat back and coached me, "Pull it apart gently and get your first good look at a pussy, son." I did. And once again, without even touching my dick, I about exploded. "Run your finger up and down it, right in the center." It was hot and moist and I couldn't believe I was touching a girl's pussy.

"She getting wet for you, Adam." and she was. Moist just didn't do it anymore. She was wet. "Slide your finger all through it, get it good and gooey," I did, having an idea as to where it would lead. Sure enough, once I'd covered my finger in the wetness oozing from Marie's pussy, my dad said, "See where the hole is, right there," I aimed my finger at the spot, "Yeah, now push it in, slowly, gently." I did and the warmth and wetness felt incredible. "Now pull it out, just a little bit, then stick it back in.

Gently, Adam." I pushed my finger inside her. I heard her take a deep breath. I looked from my finger in her pussy, to her face. Her eyes were closed and her face was, well, it was emotional. I can't say what she was feeling, however whatever it was, it she sure seemed to be feeling it strongly.

My finger was almost all the way in, when it bottomed out. I pushed at it, and Marie let out a little squeak. At the same time, I heard Joe move, and with a quick glance at him, saw that he was now staring right at us. Dad was sort of behind us, and out of my sight, but I knew he was watching everything I did. I was comforted that my dad was guiding me through this.

Joe's presence, however, was a different story. He was just as cute as his sister. Cuter, even, with those big, blue eyes.

And having those eyes watching me stick my finger in his sister's pussy was, for some reason, only turning me on more. I pushed again at what I thought was the end of her vagina. And again, she let out a squeak. "It won't go in anymore than that," I said, looking back to Dad.

"That's her hymen, remember I told you what that was?" "Oh, yeah," it dawned on me. "Do you remember what it means when a girl's hymen is still intact?" The dawning expanded and a big grin appeared on my face, "It means she's still a virgin." I poked my finger at the barrier one more time, a tad bit harder this time.

Marie's squeak was a bit louder. I looked at her face, and her eyes were open and she was looking at me. Again, I'm not sure what she was feeling, maybe a lot of things. I know that there were sure a hell of a lot of feelings running through me. "Adam," Marie's voice was soft. She looked me right in the eye and she spread her legs some more and continued, "will you please make me a woman."