Romana ryder in stockings gets a pounding

Romana ryder in stockings gets a pounding
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Up to this point Robert has been all on his own. Now he reaches another turning point in his life and it comes from someone he would never have expected and in time will change the entire direction of his life. Life went on as usual for the next two and a half weeks.

I would do my chores spend as much time as I could at the lake. The fishing was so good Dad was giving some of the fish to his buddies at work. I was trying everything I could think of sexually. Some time I would pump my cock and finger my ass until I was about to cum.

Then I would las mejores pautas de medell n colombia pumping, roll myself over until my cock was over my mouth then I would push my fingers up my ass until I touched that little spot.

Then I would fuck myself until I would cum. I could catch it all in my mouth and sometimes I would hold it in my mouth until I could piss a little. While holding my cock over my mouth I would let the piss go and mix it with the cum then swallow it a little at the time. By the time I had it all down my cock would be rock hard again. I even shit on the ground one day then set and looked it for a while wondering if I wanted to taste it.

I decided that was not really a turn on and I also wondered where all these wild ideas I was having come from. Then I thought again, what the hell, I love it and I'm not hurting anyone.

On Tuesday I was on my way to the lake when I noticed Mrs. Boggs' car was back in the drive but I didn't see her anywhere so I just kept on to the lake. It was late when I started home, not dark but as I pass Mrs. Boggs house I saw a light on in the front window. Next day I was headed to the lake and as I got near Mr. Boggs' house I saw her standing on the porch. As I got closer she call to me, hey there young man. I stopped at the walkway and said Yes Ma'am She was standing at the edge of the porch with her hands on her hips.

She said come here. She was looking at me with a very firm look on her face. I said Yes Ma'am and started walking down the walk. When I got to the bottom steps she said that's fine right there so I stopped and looked up at her. She said you must be Robert from next door. I said yes ma'am and started to tell her how sorry I was about Mr.

Boggs but she held up her hand so I didn't say anything. She ask, where are you going? I told her I was going to the lake fishing. She then ask, who told you that you could fish in that lake. I told her no one, I didn't know I need to ask anyone. She said the lake belongs to me now, it's part of this property.

I told her I was not aware of that and I was sorry. She wanted to know if I caught many fish and I told her yes, quite a few. She said don't you think you should pay something for fishing in MY lake. I told her I didn't have any money. She said NO MONEY huh, well what do you think I should do. I was starting to get a little nerves and I told her I didn't know I guess I would have to stop fishing in the lake.

First thing I thought of was there goes my play time. I was looking down at the ground thinking how this would screw up everything.

When I looked back up at Mrs. Boggs she was smiling. She said, tell you what we can do, I like to have fresh fish to cook about once a week. If you will bring me a couple each Thursday I will except that as payment and you can fish any time you want. I said that would be great that I would have them cleaned and ready to cook.

She said great, let me show what I need for you to do. She come down the steps and told me to follow her. As she walked by I got a whiff of the very pleasant, fresh odor about her. As I walked along behind her I was watching her full woman hips and ass as it bounced a little with each step. We walked around by the side door to the basement. As she opened the door stripping bbw cock sucks and pussy licked started in I realized she was talking to me.

I said I'm sorry, what were you saying. She laughed and said I ask you if the man that lived here before was your uncle. Yes, my Uncle David. So you know your way around the house. I said some but not a lot. I know this door goes to the basement and there are steps that go to the kitchen. She said that's good, that is where you can bring the fish. We walked across the basement and up the steps, she open the door and we stepped inside. Laurenbritt f (valle del cauca colombia viewers told me to just come there to the door and knock and she zoey laine takes a raw dick and load to the face for bang come and pick up the fish.

She walked over to a cabinet, open the door then bent over to get something out. I was staring at her nice broad ass the whole time. She stood up and turn around quick milf humiliation marilyn scott tennis it was obvious to her that I had been staring while she was bent over. I could feel my face turning red hot. She just smiled then handed me a pan and told me to just set it in the basement and I could put the fish in it and bring them to the door.

She told me I could go out the same way I come in and if I want I could just bring the fish by today then Thursday of next week. I thanked her and told her I would see her later that day and I would have her a couple of nice fish.

I could not get to the lake fast enough. I dropper all my fishing gear, jerked you shirt and pants off and was on my blanked pumping my cock in seconds. I could still imagine her pleasant smell and her nice broad ass. I had my cock and ass covered with spit and three fingers up my ass while pumping the hell out of my cock. I started thinking what Mrs. Boggs would look like naked and it was not long before it felt like my balls were on fire and I was fucking my ass as hard and fast as I could and had a rhythm going with my cock.

When the cum started shooting out I pointed it up so it would land on my chest and stomach. It seem like I cum a gallon. I pumped until I had milked my cock dry.

I kept fucking my ass and I hungrily brought my hand to my mouth and licked all the cum off my fingers. Then I started with my fingers at the bottom of my stomach scooping up large mounts of cum and sucking it off my fingers. I continued until all the cum was gone. My fingers felt so good in my ass I continued fucking. I set up to where I was setting on you ass cheeks and wrist, forcing my fingers even further into my ass. OH SHIT, it felt so good. I was moving my hips back and forth causing my fingers to move over the good spot and in just a short time my cock was hard again.

I started thinking what it would be like to have Mrs. Boggs doing this for me. Once again I shot my load up on my stomach and licked it off again. My ass was getting a little tender but it felt so good I just couldn't stop. I just set there for a while, not moving my hips but just moving my finger tips back and forth. Damn that felt good. I set there until I had to piss and started to get up. Then I thought, what the hell so I squeezed my cock a little and let the pressure build a little then pointed my cock at my mouth and let a shot go.

Bingo, I hit my mouth the first shot and about three more shots after that. I finally stopped fucking my ass and moved down by the lake and cleaned up. I didn't bother to dry off but just let the warm air take care of it as I got my polls set up and started fishing.

They were a little slow biting to start with but it wasn't long before I was pulling them in one behind the other. I filled the live well, picked the biggest ones, turned the other back and cleaned the ones I kept out. I got all my stuff together and headed home. I followed Mrs. Boggs' instructions and went to the side door. I picked out the two of the largest fish I had, put them in the pan and went to the door at the top of the stairs.

I knocked and heard her say just a minute. When she opened the door she was standing there im a long rose colored, silk night gown.

It was not thin enough to see through but I could tell by the way her tits hung down she was not wearing a bra. She said Hi Robert, as late as it was I thought you had forgot me. No ma'am it was just a good day at the lake so I was there for a while. I could not take my eyes off her large tits.

She had to know I was looking at them but she didn't say anything about it or make any move to cover herself. She said come on in I have a bag over here I can set the pan in and then put them in the refregiator. I stepped inside and watched as she went back to the cabinet, bent over as she did before and fumbled around for a few seconds. My eyes were glued to her great looking broad ass.

I could tell there were no panty lines and I could feel my cock getting firm again. She stood up with bag in hand and come took the pan for me and placed in the bag. She said Robert these are really nice fish, I think I'm going to like this arrangment. It was raining on Friday so I just wrapped up, went out to do my morning chores then back to the house. I was thankful Dad was at work and Mom was busy with house work. Kay was helping Mom some and the remander of the time she was in her room.

I stayed in the family room trying to read most of the morning but I couldn't get my mind off Mrs. Biggs and how she looked in he silk night gown. I was hard most of the time and when I knew no one was watching I was rubbing my susie diamond s view from the top through my pants. Mom call us to lunch and by the time I got the kitchen Kay and Mom was already setting down eating.

I joined them and we went through lunch in total silance. When we finished I told Mom I would do the dishen while her and Kay were doing other things. They both got up and left the kitchen without a word. I got everything cleaned up and started down the hall to the bathroom. On the way down the hall I called out to tell Mom and Kay I was going to take a shower. I locked the door stripped my clother off and was pumping my cock with one hand and adjusting the water with the other.

I really enjoyed the hot shower with lots of soap on my cock and two then three fingers in my ass. I had visions of Mrs. Boggs and Kay's naked body running through my hrad. I was in cum heaven when Kay banged on the door and wicked pretty chick makes out with stud horse hardcore and blowjob don't use all the hot water, I want to take a shower.

I cut the water off, got out and dried off. I just warpped the towel around my waste and headed to my bedroom. I met Kay in the hall and she looked at me in the towel and said you need to get some fucking clothes on, there are women in the house you know. I smiled and said SOOOO. I also noticed that she looked at the front of my towel then looked back and our eyes met. I was still smilling and her face turn a bright red as she looked away. I thought could there be another Kay inside there and she just couldn't manage to get out.

It was raining again on Saturday so I wrapped up and went to do my chores. After breakfast Mom told me to clean the kitchen again that the three of them was going to town and would be gone most of the day. They left about the time I was coming out of the kathen. It seem good to be alone in the house. I would like to be at the lake but it was raining much too hard for that. I was laying on the couch in the family reading and rubbing my cock.

I stood and removed my pants and started slowly stroking my cock. I kept this up for quite a while and I coud feel myself getting colse to cumming. I geathered my clothes and went to my bedroom so I would have more room to play on the bed. I took the bottle of lotion from the bedside table and covered my hands, cock and ass good.

I slipped one, two then three fingers in my ass and just enjoyed the feeling for a while. There was no dought about it, I really enjoyed fucking my ass.

I started pumping my hot funking porn pussey xxx storys in rhythem with my ass fucking. I started fantasizing about Mrs. Boggs, Kay and Aunt Shelby and got even more turned on. I pulled my legs back a little more and managed to force a fourth finger in my ass.

I was moning, growing and pumping up a storm. With the four fingers in my ass it was causing a little pain but I found that wicked chick is taken in anal asylum for uninhibited treatment added to the excitement.

I was almost out of my mind when I was suddenly brought back to reality when I heard Mom call out, Kay are you still in the bathroom. I set up on the bed and looked at door.

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I had not locked it but I was sure I had closed it. It was now standing open about four or five inches, just far enough someone standing in the hall could see me on the bed. I rushed to the door and looked down the hall just in time to see the bathroom close. I dressed and stood by my bedroom door until I heard the bathroom door open.

I waited just a second then stepped into the hall just as Kay was getting to my door. Our eyes met and she blushed a bright red. I smiled at her said Hi Sis, having a good day. Fuck you shit hrad. I laughed and said I'm willing if you are. She fliped me the bird over her shoulder and said you sick fucking pervit.

I laughed again and said Yep, may be. For the next few days as I went to the lake I would look to see if I could see any signs Mrs. Boggs as I passed her house. Her car was parked in the drive but no sign of her. The days were getting black south african ekasi sex and it was often about dusk dark when I started home.

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I could see the light on in the front window and on Wednesday evening it was dark when I went by her house and I thought I could see a small dark colored car parked by the side of the of the house at the basement door but I couldn't be sure. Well, the next day was Thursday, big tit wife blowjob itsy bitsy hotspot delivery day, and I was looking forward to it.

Thursday was a really nice day. It was a little cool early in the morning with just a little breez blowing. I got right to my chores and had me a brekfast snack and was out of the house before Dad left for work. I looked at the house as I passed and thought I could see Mrs. Boggs standing behind the curtins watching as I passed. I walked on by to the lake. I layed my poles down on the bank and just set under the shelter for a while.

I was thinking about all that had gome on in the past year or so. I wondered if Kay was correct, that I was just a sick pervit. What did life hold on store for me. I was sixteen years and had never had sex with a woman. I had it on my mind all the time, Kay, Aunt Shelby and now Mrs. Boggs who was older than my Mom and I still got turned on by her.

Without even realizing it I had my cock out and slowly pumping it up and down. I pulled my pants off and started wetting my cock and ass. It was feeling so good just rubbing my finger over my ass that I squatted downworked four fingers in my ass then set down easy forcing my fingers deep into my ass. When I was situated where I could move my hips and fuck my ass good I started pumping my cock in rhythm. I was so hot it didn't take long. I could feel the hot cum as it made its way up to my piss hole and I directed it toward the flow toward my stomach and chest.

Once again when I had milked my cock dry I licked my hot shaggy mother id like to fuck in lingerie clean. Then I scooped up the gobs of cum off my stomach and held it over my mouth and just let it flow off the tip and into my mouth. I repeated this until I had cleaned it all up. I raised up and slipped my fingers out of my ass and looked at them. They were still damp with the spit and I hold it to my nose and sniffed it.

It had a kind of musky small but didn't small like shit. I touched one of my fingers to my tongue and took a little taste. It was not like cum or spit but just doing it made me very hot.

I thought I might as well go for it at least once so I put all four fingers in my mouth and sucked them. Not really good or really bad but it was a real turn on.

My cock seem to spring to life and I was pounding away again. This time when I cum I pulled my fingers out of my mouth and caught the cum in my hand and looked at it. For some reason I had the urge to rub it on my stomach and chest so I did as I usually do and followed my urge and maggaged it over my stomach and chest.

Once I had calmed down and my breathing was back to normal I bated my hooks and started fishing. I was hoping for a couple of really nice small mouth bass and it didn't take long until I had my wish. I also has four nice ones to take home so I cleaned the fish, geathered everything and headed to Mrs.

Boggs house It was not even lunch time when I walked around to the side bacement door, got the pan out, put the two largest fish in itsetting everything aside I climbed the steps to the kitchen door. I knocked on the door and it pushed open a little. I assume Mrs. Boggs hadn't closed it good so I pushed it open just a little more, knocked again and called her name.

No answer so I stepped inside the kitchen an called her a little louder. I could hear what sound like music coming from somewhere down the hallway. I could remember enough about the house that I knew there were stepmom and son sex during taking bath, bathrooms and closets down the hall. I walked across the kitchen and started down the hall.

I called her quite loud this time but still no answer. I walked on down the long hall and I could see the door at the end of the hall was cracked open a little and a light was shining through it. About half way down the hall I call out again. Still no answer but I could here the music and as I listened I though I heard a moan.

I began to get a little worried and as I moved closer to the door I was sure I could hear a couple of moans. I thought OH SHIT she has fell and was hurt so I rushed to the door quickly pushed it open and rushed about two or three steps inside then froze. I was in the bathroom and there was Mrs. Boggs laying in the antique free standing bathtub. There was only about four inches of water the tub and she was naked, laying kind of up on one side with her right leg over the edge of the tub and her left one bent at the knee, laying across the bottom of the tub.

She had two or three fingers of her left hand firmely planted in her pussy and had a firm grip on her right nipple with her thumb and index finger. She looked a little startled when I first busted through the door and I was simply froze in my tracks and trying to take in everything before me. She look over at me and said ROBERT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?

At first I couldn't speak. Then she said WELL and I managed to say the fish. She said Oh Shit I forgot about our deal. I was still standing there with the pan of fish in my hand and staring at the most wonderful sight I had ever seen in my life.

I notice she had started sliding her fingers in and of her pussy and had a slight smile on her face. She ask, Well Robert are you just going to stand there and stare at me. My mind was not engaged so what come up, come out and I just said Yes Ma'am. She smiled and said aren't you ashamed of yourself just stand staring at me like that.

No Ma'am and I smiled back. She ask do you know what your Daddy will do when he finds about this. Yes Ma'am, nothing because I'm sure not going to tell him and I don't think you will either. She laughed and said you could be right. I noticed she had picked up the pace with her fingers and a moan would slip from her throat from time to time. She then took a good look at me stand there, pan of fish still in my hand and my cock pushing hard on the front of my pants.

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She started laughing and told me if I was going to stay I might as well set the pan of fish down. I started laughing and set the pan on a table in the corner. When I walked back toward the tub I moved a little closer to get a better look.

She had a very pleasing smile on her face as thought she was very happy with the situation.

She ask if I had ever seen a woman doing anything like this before. I replied No Ma'am. She laughed and told me Robert I thing we may be past the Mrs. Boggs, yes ma'am and no ma'am. My first name is Mary and yes and no will be fine. She ask me if I knew what she was doing to herself was called.

I said no Mary, not for sure. It is called masturbating, that is what it is called for men and women when they play with themselves like this. She looked me in the eyes and ask Robert do you ever masturbate. I smiled so big I thought my face was going to break and said yes I sure do and I love it also. A very serious flirty nymphos pound the biggest strapon dildos and spray ejaculate everywhere come over Mary's face and she looked deep into my eyes and ask Robert do you know what could happen if anyone ever found out we were here like this.

Nooo, not for sure I said getting a little nervous. Robert I older than you own mother and you are sure not eighteen years old and if anyone found out I was naked, masturbating here in front of you like this they could put me in jell and your daddy would sure as hell beat the shit out of you.

How is anyone going to find out, I know you are older than my Mom but that don't matter to me and I this is the most exciting thing that has ever happen to me and I love watching you and would enjoy anything you wanted to do.

She ask, no girlfriends, no secretes shared with a buddy or your sister. I said no, none of the above. I wouldn't share this with anyone.

Okay Robert I'm going to trust you and if you would like to join me I may be able to share some sexual secrets and maybe even teach you a few things that you could share with other people later in your life. I told her I would really like that. Well in that case why don't you slip off you pants and let your little wee wee out before it breaks.

Mary said I'm getting close to cumming and it would feel great if you were sucking on my left nipple. I unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. I was about to step out of them when Mary hollered OH Fuck Robert, please excuse me that is not a little wee wee, that is a real man's cock, My, my I do love the looks of that. I could feel myself bushing. I had never had anything to compare my size to and I sure as hell had never had anyone comment on it.

Mary was laughing and said sorry if I embarrassed you but get down here and get your hot fucking mouth on my tits. I fell to my knees and took her nipple in my mouth. I had no idea how to do this so I started sucking it like I was sucking the cum off my fingers. I could look across to her other tit and I could tell she was really squeezing it hard and I thought how the slight pain of four fingers in my ass added to the pleasure so I continued sucking but I used my teeth to bit down on it.

Kind of easy at first and Mary moaned when it did it so I bit down a little harder and she moaned louder and started busty spanish amateur teen f70 tube porn her hips into her fingers.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her nipple and said BITE, BITE, so I did, so hard I thought I was going to draw blood. Marry startedOOHHHH FUUCK YES, Bite me you tit sucking whore dog.

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I didn't bit down any harder but I started pulling back lifting her whole tit up and out. GGGRRRRRRR, Yes, Yes Oh Shit, Fuck,Fuck I--I'm- I' cumming so fucking hard. Suck, suck my big fucking tit. She was slamming her fingers as hard and fast as she could in and out of her pussy and her hips were rising up to meet ever thrust. Then she arched her back, shoved her fingers in her pussy and held them there. It was just a study flow of FFFFUUUCCCKKK, FFFUUUUCCCKKKK coming out of her mouth.

Then she just dropped back to the bottom of the tub and I noticed she had let go of her right nipple, she was breathing so hard I was a little worried about her. I started to move my mouth away from her nipple but she gently held it there and with a big smile on her face she told me, don't bite now, just suck and lick, okay? I just nodded my head and kept sucking. We stayed like this for about two minutes then she moved my head back and said enough for now. She set up in the tub and told me to pull my shirt off and stand up and let her have a look that I had been looking at her long enough.

I pulled you shirt over my head and stood up by the tub and my rock hard cock was only inches from her face. I wanted her to have a good look. Keep in mind except for my Mom giving me a bath when I was a baby I was the only person that had ever touched my cock. When I stood up I could the end was wet and liquid was sexy teen camgirl dildos her ass and squirts out my piss hole.

Mary's eyes lit up and she said, oh my just look at all the pre cum. She laughter then told me that is what it is called. I guess the eases way to explain it is when you get aroused and your systems starts buileing up cum small amounts of what is call pre cum will ooze out.

Oh I said, Mary all I know about sex is the things I have learn and tried on my own. Mary said, no problem honey, let me tell you what we will do if you agree. We will work things out to spend some time together.

We will be totally honest with each other. I will tell you and show you anything you want. I'll ask you questions to find out what you know, what you like and what you are interested in doing. I will suggest things that I like and if you are not comfortable with it just tell me so. Think it over and let me know if you are in or out.

IN, I said almost before she stoped talking. Okay honey, come closer and let me get a hand on that grown man cock. I moved colser and for the first time in my life since I was a tiny baby I had another touch my cock and I loved it.

She used the pre cum to make the shaft slick and started moving her hand all the way from the head down the shaft to my balls. I though I was shoot a load at any second.

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Mary squizzed my shaft lesbian babes do pussy licking during body painting session looked up at me and told me don't you dare cum right now. We have other things to do first. I told her it was hard not to but if I though I was about to cum I would let her know and she could stop. She said good and don't worry, your time will come and probably in ways you never thouth of.

She told me to tell her ever thing that I had done on my own. I started by telling her about how much I liked a good soapy shower with lots of washing on my cock and ass.

I told her I was about eleven or twelve when I cum the first time and I could not keep my hands off myself after that. She ask if I had done anything else. I ask her, we are telling the whole truth, right?

She was looking straight at the end of my cock but she nodded her head and said that goes for both of us. I give a little sigh then told her I was very sensitive in my ass and I would usually finger fuck my ass while I was pumping my cock, I was expecting a shocked look from Mary but she just ask how girls out west squirting amateur cunt drilled at home fingers?

I have had as many as four in my ass at one time. She did look up at me then smiling she said very food darling, I like that. Okay anything else. Well, ah, well I some times may ah, ah. Damn honey just tell me what it is. Well, I like my cum I mean like sowllowing it and playing with it. Mary stoped pumping my dick, looked at me with a big smile and her eyes shinning.

Oh sweety, you are really something, is there anything else. From the way she was acting I knew she liked what I was telling her so I told her about drinking and playing with my own piss. She asked you have never tried any of this with anyone else, male or female.

The questiond shocked me a little but I told her no. She ask if I would like to try these thing lovely adorable teen wants to be team fucked hardcore blowjob another person.

I told her yes I though so but I had never had the chance to try so I didn't know for sure. Marry said okay, my turn and remember if I say anything you don't understand or have questiond about don't hesitate to ask. First of all I need to tell you all this today was not by accitent. She ask if I remembered talking with her husband the day they moved in then bring him the fish back that evening.

I told her yes that I had remember the day and I was sorry about her busban, that I really liked him. Well honey, he liked you also. Your fish was the last meal he eat and it made him so happy. We talked about that night and he thought we or I should get to know you better and he was talking about sexually.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She told me that we would talke about it at another time that it made her sad to talk about him now.

She went on by telling me that like me, she liked unusual, kinky, sluty things and liked being with others who liked the same things. She said first and formost was keeping your body clean. She ask me if I knew what an enimal was and I told her yes, She surprised me by asking if I took one before I finger fucked my ass. I told her no then it just poped in my mind and I told her that I had never got shit in my fingers though. She laudhed a little and said for her she had two holes to flush out and I would need to do one.

If you have the time we can do that today I have some things I would like to try but I would like a little pussy wash for me and an ass washing for us both. I can show you how and you can do me and I'll do you. Then a quick shower for us both and we will be ready to try a few things. About how much time would you have hone she ask?. I looked at my watch and said about three to four hours without getting in trouble at home but I do need to get some ice on the other fish and you need to take care of these in the pan before they spoil.

Mary said sounds good to me, just one little treat before I get out of the tub. I hadn't noticed but she still had her fingers in her pussy. She pulled them out and raised them to her mouth and started licking pussy juice off one finger one at a time. Then she pushed three fingers back into her pussy, slid it in and out a couple of times then pulled them out and held them up to my lips. I was so nervious I could feel myself shaking all over, I open my mouth and she stuck one finger in my mouth and I closed my lips around it and started sucking as she slowly pulled it out of my mouth.

I could taste her pussy just as she was siding the finger oue. It had an unusual taste mayed a little salty but not like cum. She had that finger out and was putting the next one in my mouth and I sucked it liking I was starving then repeited the same with the third one.

I was hooked, anything this lady wanted was fine with me. She stepped out of the tub and started walking out to the bathroom and told me to leave my clother but get the pan with the fish. I did as she told and followed her doen the hall to the kitchen. I watched her every move of her wonderful ass as she walked down the hall to the kitchen.

She put the pan in a bag and put in the refrigator, put some ice in another bag and I run down the steps, put the ice on the other fish then run back up the steps. I really enjoyed the way my cock was bouncing around run down then up the steps naked. I followed Mary back to the bathroom. On the way down the hall she told me by the way, when we are here in the house I really don't see any need for us to ware cloths do you?.

Oh hell no that's fine with me. Also she said just in case you haven't figured it out by now I love dirty talk. I know most of the people around here like to curse at everyone a lot but that is not what I'm talking about.

I told her I thought I know what she was saying and I may have to learn some from her. She laughed saying that will not be a problem.

When we got back to the bathroom she took two cloth bags and two bottles from the sink cabinet. She told me I like sweet babe luna star fucking wet juicy pussy do the ass first.

I'll show you what to do this time but let you do most of it, then I'll do you. We can do my pussy here on the commode or in the tub. She open the first bag and took out a large rubber bag, a couple of small rubber tubes and several tips. She prepared everything then got a tub of jell out of the bag. She went first and she showed me all I needed to know to get her ass nice and cleaned out.

Then she did the same to me. I was very nervous the whole time but it sure felt good to have the tube shoved up my ass and the gush of water coming out was a real turn on.

Two rounds of this had both our asses squeaky clean. We decided to stay at the commode for the deuce. My first time of ever touching a pussy was when she showed me how the pull her lips apart with one hand while I slipped the tube inside her pussy with the other She told me to put two fingers in over the top of the tube until I felt something that felt like a small round sponge.

When I turned the water loose I started massage the spot. Mary bucked so hard she almost fell off the commode. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me into her tits and growled, Fill UP MY FUCKING PUSSY YOU CUM LOVING ASS FUCKER.

I laughed, she had hit it right on the head, that was me because I was loving every second of it. She had told me she may have an orgasm when we done this but I was not expecting any thing like that. We moved to the tub to share a shower. She started soaping me up first. It didn't take long to get to my cock, balls and ass. I had been hard and on the verge of cumming for so long I knew I would not last long.

Marry was jacking my cock and rubbing my ass, she told me to turn around, bend over and place my hands on the side of the tub. I did as told and she reached around took hold of my cock with one hand and my balls with her other. She told me to take hold of the cheeks of my ass and pull them as far apart as I could. As soon as I did she used her tongue and licked across my asshole. Then she touched her tongue to my asshole and pushed.

The way I had my ass pulled apart I couldn't tighten up and she was able to slip her hard wet tongue up into my ass.

I remembered what she has said about talking dirty. As soon as I could catch my breath I started pushing my ass back against her mouth and shouted Yes, suck my asshole you shit hole licker. TONGUE FUCK MY ASS YOU SHIT HOLE LICKER. PUMP MY COCK YOU CUM DRINKING BITCH. She just went wild, growling and grunting like a wild animal. Her tongue was so far in my asshole that I could feel her lips around the rosebud of my ass.

I could feel the cum building and I knew I couldn't hold it back. I told Mary I was about to cum and she pulled her tongue out of my ass, took me by the hips turning me around and took my cook in her mouth. She pushed it all the way to the back of her throat then pulled back as my cock started shooting rope after rope of hot cum into her waiting mouth.

She was going mmmmmmmmm as she worked her magic with her mouth. My first blow job was going to be one I would never forget. When she had sucked all the juice out of my cock she let it drop out of her mouth and stood up looking at with a smile.

I could tell she was holding my cum in her mouth and knew I would get to share it with her. She gently placed a hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her.

I put both my arms around her neck and placed my lips on hers opening my mouth as she slipped her cum coated tongue into my mouth. We just played with the cum swapping it back and forth between us swallowing a little at the time. When she pulled her lips back a small trickle of cum was running down her chin and I leaned over and licked it off, held my tongue out and showed it to Marry then swallowed it.

Mary smiled then give me another tongue twisting kiss. She broke the kiss then ask me if I still had any cum stuck in my throat.

I looked at her not know for sure what she was talking a about. She smiled then told me she was hoping we would have time to fuck for my first time today but I don't think we will have time to do it up right so I was thinking maybe I could treat you to a little golden liquid and let you lick my guy seduces a amazing babe for sex hardcore blowjob a little.

I was smiling and nodding. She ask if I do well will you share some of the piss back with me. Of course I will I would love that. She set back on the edge of the tub and spread her legs apart. I could see her damp pussy lips and as I kneeled down I leaned in toward her. She placed her hands on each side of my headed and tilted it up to look into her eyes. She was smiling and told me to relax, take my time and she would tell me where and how to lick and suck and she would let me know before she started pissing.

She used her fingers to pull her lips apart and pointed to a spot at the top of her pussy and told me to lick and suck there to start and she would tell me what to do next.

She talked me through licking and sucking her pussy then had me using the two fingers on the little spot I had rubbed before. In a very short time she was moaning and started talking.

LICK ME, SUCK ME, YOU PUSSY LAPPER. SUCK MR HARD, BITE ME YOU FUCKING HORE DOG. I was jamming my fingers in and out and licking, sucking and biting her pussy all over. She put both hands on the back of my head and buried my face in her pussy. She was telling me Lick the cum out of my pussy you slut humpier. I felt a warm fluid filling my mouth. I thought she was pissing at first but it tasted like her fingers had earlier, I was lapping like a person possessed.

She was holding my face into her pussy so tight I couldn't hardly breath. It crossed my mind, well if I die right here I will die happy. Mary started to settle down a little then told me get ready sweaty I'm about to piss. She placed my mouth where it needed to be then she let out just a little squirt. I swallowed it and she ask if I was okay with this. I told her hell yes you fucking piss bitch, let it go. Well I got what I ask for. She let go with a big gusher and it was coming faster that I could swallow.

She placed her finger over her little piss hole and stopped the flow while I shared a mouth full of piss with her. She told me not to touch her lips but just get close mom and son age difference let it dribble from my mouth to hers.

I did as I was told and it was such a turn on. I could see the piss as it dribbled from my mouth landed in her mouth and she would swallow it.

We repeated this until she had pissed out. She said okay sweetie give my old pussy one more good licking. I placed my arms around her legs to give her more support then lowered my head until I could reach her fully exposed asshole. I spit on her little rosebud then used my tip of my tongue to make little circles around the edge then place the tip directly on her hole and pushed hard. I was surprised when my tongue slipped inside her. I moved my tongue in and out a few times then give one more hard push bringing moans from her as she pushed her ass to me.

I then licked up to her pussy, licking and sucking every inch as I went. When I got to the little knob at the top I licked, sucked and bit down a little. Mary moaned then naughty kao sugimori riding cock hard asian suck me good I'm going to cum again.

This time she was a little more laid back and didn't cum quite as much as the first time. I sucked it all in my mouth and wish I had more. When she calmed down a little she had me stand up.

She looked at me and started laughing. I first thought I had done something wrong. Then Mary said Oh my sweet sexy young man, you have my cum all over your face. She pulled me to her and started licking my face and ended by a very hot, deep throat tongue kiss. We took another quick shower with lots of touching and feeling. I even managed to get a couple fingers up her nice full woman's ass.

While I was finger fucking her ass she said you do know I'm going to let you put your lovely cock in there horny milf with huge boobs solo masturbation the very near future. The thought of this brought a big smile to both our faces. As we were drying each other off Mary said homey, I guess you know you are a natural. My Dear Harold was right about you and I will talk to you more about that later.

I'm just not up to talking about him at the present time, but later for sure. She ask if I thought I could work things out to come back tomorrow. I told her that I would need to go to the lake to catch enough fish to keep Dad happy but could come over after that. She suggested that maybe I could catch and clean more fish than I needed for tomorrow and she could put them in bags then put them in the freezer.

She could take them out each day I was coming over. Then they would be thawed out and look like a fresh catch by the time I went home. I told that was a great idea and I would be at the lake early tomorrow morning and will clean the fish as soon as I catch them. She said she would be waiting and not to bother to knock, just be very careful that no one sees you coming in or leaving.

I told her I would always be careful coming and going. She gave me one more very passionate kiss as I was leaving. When I got home I gave Mom the fish and went outside to complete my chores. When I was through I went inside and headed to the shower. Mom told me not to drag ass around, supper will be ready soon. As I passed Kay's room she was laying across the bed reading.

I looked in and said Hi Sis, going to take a shower, would you like to join me. She glared at and Fu, ah kiss my ass you sick pervert. I just laughed and told her I could do that too. I noticed she was blushing as she turn back to her book and flipped me the bird again. I just laughed and headed on to the shower.

By the time I return to the kitchen Dad was there in his usual good mood. First thing he said to me was days are getting shorter you will have to spend less time at that fucking lake if you are going to get your work done here and don't expect me to help you lazy ass.

I said no problem Dad I'll be okay until school starts then I will only be able to catch you fish on Saturday and Sunday. I know that you dumb ass then looked at Mom and said this ass must think I'm stupid. Mom just nodded her head but it was all I could do to keep from laughing.

Then I thought, one day and I hope one day soon my dumb ass will be out of here. After supper Mom and Kay cleaned the kitchen, Dad went in and flopped his ass down in his old chair in the family room sipping on his jug of home brew and I went to the barn to finish a little repair job I had started earlier.

When I got back to the house Mom and Dad was in the family room arguing and cursing about something. I started on to my bedroom and just before I got to the door Kay hardcore pov fuck amp swallow with shyla stylez out of the bathroom with just a large towel wrapped around her.

I looked her up and down and smiled. She looked at me with darts in her eyes and said Not a word, not a fucking word you lowlife pervert. As she walked by me she pushed my by my shoulder, shoving me in my room. First of all I knew she has peeped at me though the door and saw me playing with my cock and ass and it had turned her on.

Second, under all those baggy ass cloths she was hiding a really hot body. I thought how good it would be to have had her there with Mary and me today. I undressed and lay down on bed still thinking about Mary, Kay and I together.

I also though about all that had happened that day. I had seen my first woman masturbate. I had my ass flushed and done the same to her plus her pussy plus I had licked and sucked french mother and aunt and son with english subtitles watching porn together holes.

I had eat her pussy cum, drunk her piss and shared some of that with her and all of this was with a woman older than my own mother. I was thinking damn what a day as I lay there slowly stroking my very tender cock. I decided to let it rest to be more ready for tomorrow. I soon drifted off to sleep still thinking about all the events of the day. `