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Mom son hollywood xxx move in ebony dubbed
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The final step in this on-going change in our relationship with the Thompsons took less time than I had imagined. I guess that once the decision to add the oral aspect to our Saturday night games, the final step to actual intercourse was bound to quickly follow.

After several sessions with the new format, I got a call at work from Bobby asking for me to meet him for a drink after work that afternoon. "I think we need to talk about the direction our Saturday night games are going," he commented "Yeah," I responded, "this whole situation has progressed so far in such a short time.

I guess that it is important for us to talk cage tim lets mira cuckold sit on his face where really go from this point on." Later that afternoon we met and after the usual pleasantries and a bourbon and water we discussed what seemed to be the next logical step. Bobby said "I've talked everything over with Ellen and she's pretty much concluded that the time was right for us to progress to intercourse." "She's concluded?," I responded with a certain amount of surprise.

"What, about you, Bobby?" Bobby didn't respond immediately. Instead he took another sip of his bourbon and slowly revolved the class in his hands. "Well, it has progressed farther and faster than I ever dreamed." He paused for a few moments and then continued. "I'm not sure exactly how I feel, but Ellen is anxious for us to get to actual intercourse." He paused again and then continued, " I just want to see her happy." I didn't know how to respond to Bobby's reply.

I remained quiet as Bobby continued with a detailed explanation of their discussions on the matter. After he finished there was another moment of silence and I then offered my comment. "I guess I would be willing to move on, but I'll still have a major problem in my house. I don't think Cindy is going to go along with this. She's not going to go along with this at all." "Well," Bobby responded, "she didn't want to start the games at all and now she is willingly sucking my cock and swallowing all the sperm that I can shoot into her mouth." "Yeah," I agreed, "I'm surprised by that as well.

But, she loves to suck dick and really is an exceptionally good cocksucker. I think she just enjoys showing off for you." Bobby chuckled in agreement. There was another long pause and then he concluded, "Well, Ellen is anxious to continue. Why not just present the subject to Cindy and see how she responds." I agreed and left with my mind exploring all possible approaches that I might use.

I concluded that the ideal time to mention the proposal to Cindy would be when she was particularly hot after a serious fucking. Several nights later we had a rowdy session after we put Megan to bed and were resting when I decided to give it a try.

She was not impressed with my description of what Bobby and I had discussed or that he and Ellen were anxious to move to the next level. "It's just plain wrong," she said. "Its adultery, any way you describe it." "Well," I responded, "it technically is, but with all of us together in the same room and aware of what each of us is doing mitigates the act somewhat. Besides, we've been exchanging cum quite a bit the last few weeks I didn't see that you were hesitant to suck Bobby's dick or to prevent him mom and sun xxx vidos cumming in your mouth." She pondered that for a while and then said, "Well, yes, that's true," and then she dropped back into deep thought again.

After a long period of silence she softly said, "I knew that this is what was going to happen when you brought up the whole idea in January." I didn't answer but knew that she was indeed right "Anyway," she concluded, "I want to talk to Ellen about this, although I know how she feels and I'm pretty sure what she will say to me." With that she rolled to one side with her back to me.

Cindy and Ellen had their discussion later that week and as usual Ellen was persuasive. Cindy reluctantly agreed and consequently the new rules of the game were to take place the following Saturday night. That night we gathered in the den after supper and sipped on glasses of wine. Cindy and Ellen were seated across from each other on the separate wings of the L-shaped couch. I noticed that Bobby had endeavored to set a particular mood with the several carefully placed candles shedding a soft light and the fm playing mood-enhancing instrumentals.

I sat alongside Ellen on one wing of the couch while Bobby found his place next to Cindy. As I expected, Ellen took the lead. "All right, let's examine our arrangement and make sure that we all still agree. I think it's important for us to incredible sex for a curvy awesome teen babe hardcore blowjob be honest with each other in everything that happens. We will do nothing without consent of our spouse or partner.

As we have done before, if anyone wants to stop at any time, then we all stop. If anyone says 'no,' it means no and whatever was being done at that time stops.

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Do we all agree on this? Is everyone committed to follow through on this?" We each nodded in agreement. "Well, I guess this means we start the night's activities." Grasping my hand, Ellen walked up the steps, through the living room, and down the hallway to the master bedroom. Bobby and Cindy wordlessly followed us into the room.

Again, Bobby had been prepared as scented candles glowed throughout the room. As she entered, Ellen turned and slipped into my arms as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her warmth on my body as I pulled her closer. My dick was already rigid and jerked in anticipation as we moved together. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest as we kissed and her tongue softly touched my lips.

I opened my mouth and my tongue quickly caressed hers. I gently eased my hands around her back as I embraced her and her kiss became even more sensuous and demanding. I sucked ravishing latina starlet has her pussy plowed creampie brunette tongue and she responded as she rubbed her tits on my chest.

By now my cock was throbbing and she was moaning in expectation. "Hank," she whispered, "Oh, Hank. I have wanted you for so long. I want you to feel you inside me." I quickly began to unbutton her blouse while she stripped my knit shirt up and off my chest. I quickly pulled her blouse completely off, exposing her lacy white bra. I hurriedly reached around her to unsnap her bra and felt her hands anxiously working at my khakis, releasing my belt, and sliding my zipper down.

Her bra was quickly discarded on the floor and her beautiful breasts were released. I reached out to caress her, feeling her hardening nipples in sexual arousal. I unbuttoned and unzipped her short skirt, slipping it off and down to the floor. I kissed her intensely as I pulled her panties off and my cock continued to throb. She was preparing me, as well. My khakis and shorts were stripped and quickly discarded as we continued to passionately kiss.

She began to massage my cock, wrapping her fingers around me as she started to stroke my shaft. I knew that I was becoming too aroused entirely too quickly. "Ellen," I begged, "You'll have to slow down or I'll be shooting too soon." She smiled and removed her hand. "Oh, no. I don't want you squirting now," she whispered, "This is what I've waited for all these months.

I want you deep inside me when you cum, filling me with your sperm." She eased herself back onto the king-sized bed and opened her thighs in anticipation. "Come on, Hank. I need you inside me. I need you inside me now." I scrambled on the bed, knelt between her legs, and buried my face in her wet, drenched pussy.

My tongue eagerly traced her slash and excitedly licked at her clitoris. I took it in my mouth and sucked hard as she held my head tight to her pussy, bucking and groaning in delight. "Hurry, Hank! Get inside me. I want us to cum together. I want to cum with you inside me." Her breathing was becoming increasingly irregular as she grasped my head and pushed it away.

I rose on my knees as she grabbed my dick and guided it toward her waiting pussy.

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As my cockhead entered, I eagerly rammed forward, pushing well into her with a single massive thrust. She grabbed my hips with both hands and thrust her pelvis forward as she pulled me deep inside. I held firmly for a brief moment before beginning my frantic fucking.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she yelled, "Oh yes! Yes! Yes!

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Fuck me! Fuck me!" She forced her hips upward as she bucked and thrust up against me. She was writhing in her own sexual frenzy. "Fuck me hard, Hank! Fuck me! Don't stop! Please don't stop! … Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" "Ellen, I'm cumming," I moaned. I seized her hips lifted them upward and slammed into her with all my strength as I held firm.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" I shrieked. Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! My dick exploded deep inside her, flooding her pussy with my hot cum. Her head thrashed wildly from one side to the other as her face contorted and she reached her own crashing climax. Her body shook and shuddered in ecstasy as she repeatedly thrust upward driving my rigid dick ever deeper into her. Her vaginal muscles clenched me as I squirted my final load of hot, rich, cum into her pussy. Oh man!

She had drained me! She had milked me dry! After several moments, I felt my cum dripping past my rapidly softening cock. I slowly slipped my dick from her and even more of our combined juices flowed out of her saturated pussy. Ellen finally began to return to normal as she lay quietly on the bed. She smiled broadly. "Oh that was breathtaking! That was incredible! It was everything I expected, Hank!" She pulled my face down for a passionate kiss. I looked over at Bobby and Cindy.

Bobby was lying on his back along side us on the huge bed with Cindy mounted on top of him, impaled on his hard, erect dick. Her breasts were jiggling with her up and down motion and his upward thrusts Bobby's hands firmly gripped her waist as she moved up and down on his shaft. Even in the dimmed lighting of the candles I could see his slick dick entering her with each upward thrust. When she leaned forward to passionately kiss him, his cock almost slipped completely out her pussy.

She quickly recovered and rammed downward, driving his cock back into her to its full length. Bobby was now fucking her with every bit of his energy and she was moaning and squealing in delight. I watched with pleasure and excitement as my best friend gave my wife one fantastic fucking.

She was thrusting hard against Bobby's glistening cock as he continued to pound upwards into her. He held her hips tightly, pulling her back down on him as he repeatedly thrust his dick into her pussy. Suddenly Bobby screamed as he reached his own orgasm, filling my squealing wife with his hot, spurting sperm. They both trembled and shuddered for several moments as their climaxes gradually subsided and finally Cindy collapsed on his chest.

She rolled off to one side and they lay there for a few minutes as they recovered. Cindy's eyes were closed and her face was flushed in exertion. As she recovered, her eyes opened and Bobby moved closer to her, kissing her softly and tenderly. She kissed him in response and I saw her smile as they continued the kiss.

I lay beside Ellen watching Bobby and Cindy as they recovered I slipped my arm under her body and she tenderly reached down to take my soft cock in her hand. "Well, did you enjoy watching them fuck?" she whispered. "Oh yeah! It was a fantastic, exciting, erotic scene. Ellen appreciatively squeezed my dick. She smiled and added, "I know ours must have been pretty erotic, too, even though they were entirely too distracted to notice.

We all rested for some time. Little was said as I think each of us was savoring what had just transpired. I pulled Ellen closer to me as I watched as Bobby's hands moved between Cindy's legs and began to arouse her french amateur sucks dick in public hardcore european. I smiled as I noticed that her hands were doing the same to him, rubbing and grasping his dick.

"Oh yeah," I thought, "I don't think that Bobby and Cindy are quite through for the night." Then I lustfully looked down at Ellen and knew that we were not through for the night either. "Well" Alone girl in the car fucking herself with a car part tube porn whispered to Ellen, "it seems as if our spouses are anxious to do it all over again. What about you? Do you want to watch them fool around or are you ready for another session of our own?" She giggled and offered an interesting option.

"Why can't we do both! I love watching them fuck. It really does turn me on. Let's just fool around a little while we watch them and by the time they finish, they will probably like watching us.

Doesn't that sound like fun to you?" She ran her hand up and down my rapidly rising dick as I nodded in agreement. I saw Bobby's hand move between Cindy's legs, his fingers thrusting into her pussy. She moaned in ready anticipation of another fucking. I watched as Bobby moved on his knees between her spread thighs.

He leaned forward resting on one hand as his other hand grasped his dick and his cockhead gradually probed her entrance. I could also see Bobby's cum and Cindy's juices slowly oozing from her pussy as he began to push into her a second time.

I could feel my own cock throbbing as it grew rigid, excited by the lascivious actions of my wife and best friend. I caressed and slipped a finger into Ellen's juicy pussy, oozing with my cum and her juices. I heard Cindy moan as Bobby's cock easily entered her again. Ellen pushed my legs somewhat apart and grasped my hard dick in her soft hands.

She began to slowly masturbate me while we were perfectly willing to watch the carnal action on the other side of the bed. Within moments, Cindy had her legs closed over Bobby's back and with her heels crossed as her erotic moans were getting louder. She responded to each of his thrusts, thrusting and bucking back at him in perfect rhythm. Bobby was soon fucking in ever increasing intensity while Cindy was moaning in sheer delight. I was fully erect again as Ellen climbed up onto me, swinging her knees on both sides of my hips.

She put her hands on my shoulders as she slowly allowed her hot pussy to slide down on my straining cock. I easily slipped in until she comfortably rested on my pelvis for a few brief moments, moaning with obvious pleasure as I was finally fully seated deep inside her. "Oh, Hank," she whispered, "This is wonderful!" She pulled herself up on her knees, hesitated momentarily, and then drove powerfully back down onto my cock. "Fuck me!

Fuck me! Fuck me!" me she whispered. "I want you to come in me again!" She then began a steady rhythm as she thrust her pussy up and down on my dick. Cindy's shrieking from the other side of the bed momentarily distracted me. Looking around Ellen I saw that Cindy was quivering and trembling as Bobby firmly held his dick in her pussy, shooting the last remnants of his sperm into her. After several moments he slowly pulled his dick from her. I could see that her pussy was briana lee member show october th masturbation natural an abundant amount of his cum and her juices as she lay back and began to recover from her climax.

Meanwhile Ellen was moaning and squealing as she pumped her pussy up and down on my dick, lost in her own sexual arousal and enjoying the erotic sensations that coursed through her body. By this point, I knew neither of us could last very long. Suddenly Ellen stiffened and straightened her back, shrieking in ecstasy as she reached her orgasm.

That drove me over the top and I exploded in my second climax. Her vaginal muscles again throbbed and gripped my dick, squeezing out ever more of the cum that was flooding her pussy. Moments later our orgasms had subsided and I slipped along side of her, holding her body close. We all relaxed and recovered but, again, there was an absence of talk.

I know that I was still trying to process what had sexy and dirty sluts take big boner happened and I guess I assumed that the others were doing the same. A short time later Bobby left for the kitchen to fetch the wine and glasses, perhaps hoping to enliven the conversation. If that was his intent, he wasn't very successful.

We all just tended to quietly sip our wine, lost in our own thoughts. Finally Cindy said, "Come on, Hank. I think its time for us to get dressed and take Megan home." I agreed, gathered up my scattered clothing and began to get dressed.

Rather than dressing again, Ellen and Bobby slipped into robes from their closet and walked us to the front door. Cindy and I said our goodbyes and Cindy told Ellen that she would call her in the morning. Neither Cindy nor I said much on the drive home. "Well," I said to myself as I pulled into our driveway, "the final barrier has been broken." I knew that our lives were irrevocably changed and our relationship with the Thompsons could no longer be what it had been in the past.