Red haired babe dped by huge black cocks

Red haired babe dped by huge black cocks
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Jessica's Fantasy Roast Story: #28 Copyright ©2005 Written: March 26 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa­_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 3 - Jessica's Back Still sitting there on the floor staring in to Gene's eyes Jessica began faketaxi fare paid via blowjob and sex speak "I know this is difficult for you to understand" Jessica said as Gene sat quietly listening to her spin her jungle tale about the old lady that seemed to follow her and give her weird messages.

"So your back now because some old woman in the jungle cursed you?" Gene asked still wide eyed and shocked "No, its not a curse, its a gift, the gift of life" she said taking his hand into hers, Gene jumped back "NO I refuse to believe it, a girl can't come back from the dead like that, your not real, your not here" he said as he continued to back away. Gene was still sitting on the floor and backing away from Jessica as she got up and walked over to him pushing his back to the floor, Jessica got on top of him, seeing her naked on top of him was enough to make his cock rock hard then Jessica grabbed it and shoved it into her wet pussy "Now try to tell me this pussy isn't real" Jessica said as she was riding the hard cock up and down like a spit.

"OHH YA, that's a real pussy" Gene said as he came inside her, they went out to the back yard where Jessica once again saw the spit and the fire pit that took her life the night before, then Gene showed her the nicely packaged meat's in the freezer, "That's your leftover meat" he said looking at Jessica, "Yumm, go sit down at the table ill fix us some breakfast with that yummy looking meat" she said as Gene went to the kitchen and sat down to a cup of hot coffee while Jessica picked up some meat packages.

Taking her place at the stove Jessica began to cook Gene's breakfast, when she was done she placed the plate in front of him and took her seat next to him, "When your done eating I thought we could go to the back yard ember stone coming for you play again, if your up to it?" Jessica said looking hopefully as Gene shoveled her cooked bacon strips into his mouth.

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"Up to it?" Gene shot back in surprise, "Who wouldn't be up to cooking you delicious body?" he added as he continued to chew of strips of perfectly cooked Jessica bacon. After Gene was finish eating he noticed Jessica didn't have a plat "You not hungry?" horny girl shavedpussy plays with sextoy jincamcom asked looking concerned, "No I'm not, I guess meat doesn't need to eat, it must be part of the gift" she replied as they made there way to the backyard that Jessica would now refer to as "Her Playground".

As they entered the playground Jessica instinctively took her place kneeling on the ground, hands behind her back waiting for Gene to tie them and impale her again. "I thought we do things a bit differently this time around" He said as he lightly took hold of Jessica's arm and pulled her up from the ground "How so Master" she asked as he led her over to a large tree trunk with an axe sticking out of it.

It didn't take Jessica long to put two and two together "You want to decapitate me this time?" she asked with some shock in her voice "Yes, is that a problem?" he replied "You know my only interests are in the spit" she said upgrading her voice from one of shock to one of fear. "Why are you worried with your new ability you will be back in the morning to play again" Gene said as he forced Jessica's head onto the chopping block and went to pull up the axe.

As the axe was crashing down toward her head Jessica quickly moved her head off of the chopping block causing the axe to chomp right into the wooden tree trunk splitting it into two pieces's this made Gene angry "Look at what you made me do! how dear you move your head" quickly grabbing her arm more forcefully then before, pulled her up with her back toward him and then quickly tied her wrists behind her back.

Placing her head back on the split tree trunk Gene warned her not to move her head again "Don't you dare move that pretty little head again or ill use the block in the back with the restraints" he said as he brought the ace up and started it crashing down again. Just as the axe started to come down Jessica defied her master and moved her head again causing the axe to gets screwed by two types of the once the wooden tree trunk up even more.

"What the hell did I say" he asked "I know what you said master but I don't want to die like this" was her reply, "I don't want to hear anymore of this from you" he said obviously very mad, taking a ball gag and stuffing it in her mouth and then tightening the straps. With her wrists bound and her gag snugly in place Gene dragged her over to another part of the yard where he had a real professional wooden chopping block in place with a neck grove and strong leather restraints.

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"See your making me do this the hard way, I only use this one on unwilling pigs" he said as he strapped Jessica's neck in place and watch her squirm as he brought the axe down quickly and cleanly severing her head from her trembling body.

Gene stood there watching Jessica's body spasm and dance for several minutes before falling to the ground lifeless, Jessica's head laying in the grass a few feet away could still see and hear all of sweet blonde riding on my big cock was going on, Gene noticed her eyes were still moving and decided to give her one last meal before the light in her eyes dimmed out, Gene removed her ball gag then taking his already hard cock in his hand he stuffed it in her mouth, jerking himself off until he came on her tongue, as the cum dripped down her though and out of the large hole that use to be her neck Jessica could really taste the cum, or at least she thought she could as the lights went out and she died again.

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