Yong pussi full sex stories porno

Yong pussi full sex stories porno
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A little story that i would like to share with you all My son has moved back in with us to save money like all other Kids nowadays and he brought with him his Dog "Kong" he is a Neo Mastiff, he is about 18 months old and a nice looking dog but, very big in stature and very strong, takes a little bit of strength to hold him but he is very well trained… Anyway we have a medium size Labrador who is a couple of years older, and she came into season, which set Kong off with the smell.

My son works away from home so my wife and I are stuck with him until our son comes back from work. We were sitting at home on this particular night and a thunderstorm was in full swing outside so we had to bring Kong inside with our girl who was in season, Well Kong was excited as a dog could be but he had never had sex and obviously he was horny ashe was howling, pacing back and forth trying to get to our female Labrador,, after about 3 hours of this howling and whining and yelling at him, my wife got up and went of to the bedroom to shower and go to bed, I thought thats great i have to listen to this dog by myself, About 10mins later with Kong still trying to get to my girl, my wife Allison came out to the lounge room dressed in her bed nighty and walked over to me and gave me a big kiss beautiful hottie fuck her ass with dildo on webcam said, Honey it's not fair that Kong is that horny and if you are ok with it, I am going to let Kong " Fuck me " to release his pressure, I nearly fell over with shock, she said you need to help me, i suppose i had no say in it.

So My wife got me to move our Coffee table over to the middle of our lounge room and she placed some towels on it for a bit of padding for her to lay on, she lifted up her nighty and i saw that she had no underwear on which made me horny as, she proceeded to lay on the coffee table with her sweet looking butt stuck up in the air, what a great looking site that was, Allison then proceeded to call Kong over to her, he came running over to her and gave her a big sloppy kiss, she pushed him back towards her pussy and gave her ass a couple of slaps and said come on boy here is a pussy you can fuck, Kong then shoved his big head between her legs and had a real good sniff of my wife's pussy, she jumped a little bit when he first licked her clit with his big wide tongue, Allison then looked at me and said she felt his tongue across the whole of her pussy and up to her butt, it was nice she said, Allison asked me if he was ready, I said i don't think so, he knows what to do he keep's humping in the air but his cock is out of it's sheath, I did say to my wife that he looks pretty big and his cock seems really fat, Allison said that would be the knot, that is fat, I said honey you need to look at this because the knot is still in his sheath, With that she got up of the table and turned around to have a look, her eye's widened as she looked at how big he was, she reached over and grabbed his cock and gave it a bit of a rub, Now that was horny to watch, my wife stroking a Dogs Cock, "Kong" felt my wife's hands on his cock and started humping faster and harder, Allison said my god this is big and the knot is even bigger, his cock is really hard.

Kong was getting more frisky by the second as Allison was tugging at his cock, then Kong lunged forward at my wife and she quickly turned around and laid back on the Coffee table, Allison presented herself to him with her pussy, she looked at me and said this is going to be fun, " Kong " then proceeded to wrap his front legs around my wife's hips and stated to drag her body to him, Allison was holding on to the end of the coffee table so she could support herself and Kong was dragging both her and the table to him.

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Allison then felt Kong humping at the back of her but he kept missing the hole so Allison reached back grabbed his cock and lined it up perfectly to her pussy and with one hard thrust of his arched back he was in his first human pussy, My wife yelled out loud as he pushed his cock in her i looked at her and asked if she was ok but before Allison could answer Kong started to fuck her at a speed that I can only imagine was somewhere between Warp 1 and Warp 5.

I looked at Allison and her mouth was open with a look on her face that this was obviously going to be a rough fuck, she was moaning out load and in-between the grunts from Kong and Allison she looked at me and in a heavy panting voice said his cock is huge, then she went back to moaning with desire as Kong rammed that cock in to her. Just then i heard Allison scream in pain, I was at the back end of both of them watching this huge dog cock slamming into my wife's pussy and just disappearing and he pushed harder, i jumped up and gaping babe jizz mouthed anal and ass to see if she was ok and she looked at me with the biggest grin and said he has his Knot in me, my god i feel so full of cock she said.

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Kong was then holding his cock in her pussy, I could see his back movements and knew he was squirting his dog sperm in my wife's pussy, i stuck a quick sneak peek underneath her and i could see his dog cum dribbling out of her pussy and down her lit, there was so much it was making a puddle on the floor, I ask Allison if everything was Ok and she just laid there on the coffee table moaning and out of breath with this huge Neo Mastiff laying on top of her squirting his cum in her pussy " what a lovely site from my angle " I had the biggest erection i've ever had, I whipped it out from my shorts and gave it a little squeeze, Allison looked over and said once he unties from me i want you cock in my pussy and i want you to ram it as hard as you can till your cum is mixed with my new lover cum "Kong"… So after about 20mins Kong's Knot started to soften and Allison could feel he was ready to pull out and when he did she screamed again and said that it was still to big to pull past her pussy lips, as he was finally out i could see all the dog cum gushing out of her pussy, I was then ordered to go for it by my lovely wife and i proceeded to pound her as hard as i could, unfortunately i was that horny i blew my load in about 35sec which is a little embarrassing but i got to finally ram my cock in my wife's pussy as hard as i could without her complaining&hellip.

It was hot So after my wife had a shower and i put everything back in place I asked her what went thru her mind to allow a dog to fuck her, she just said to me that she can't let a male suffer from sexual tension whether it's stunning brunette takes care of two cocks human or animal, but she did say that she would like to make Kong a regular fuck for her if i don't mind, I said thats fine but i must be there to watch overtime…&hellip.

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure,,, cheers Gazz and Allison