Red lips sex story sex stories

Red lips sex story sex stories
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Part 1 After two years of being away I finally returned home. I had finished my sophomore year of college overseas and came home for the summer. I missed home a lot while I was gone but one of the things I have to say I missed the most was my stepmom. My mom died when I was five because of a car accident and since then my dad hasn't been one for relationships, that is until six years ago when he met Vanessa.

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Vanessa was gorgeous, a 5"6 150 lbs. Latina goddess. She had hazel eyes, long black curly hair, beautiful D cup breast and an ass to match, which was probably her best feature. Vanessa was 28 and had a 11 year old daughter when dad married her and brought them to live with us and from that day I've always fantasized about fucking Vanessa, and as a 14 year old teenage boy with ranging hormones it was all I taught about when I saw her.

When I stepped inside the house I was greeted with a big hug from Vanessa and before I could ask about my dad she apologized to me and said my dad was out of town and won't be back until next week. As we broke our hug I could see the surprise in her face but who could blame her, I changed a lot from two years ago.

I was now 20, I grew to 6"1, weighed 210 lbs. and worked as a fitness instructor so I was built like a Greek god. My dad was away and my stepsister Erika was sleeping over at a friend's house so Vanessa and I were the only two home. We had a wonderful dinner and then Vanessa and I sat down to talk. We talked for about an hour until we were on the topic of my father. Vanessa told me that he's been going out of town for business a lot recently and even though it was normal for him to travel for work she was still concerned he was having an affair.

I laughed thinking about my old 45 year old father having any reason awesome babe performs orall service hardcore massage cheat on the Latina goddess that was my stepmom but Vanessa didn't share in the joke. She said "Really Noah, I tell you something that serious and all you could do is laugh, those years away turned you into an real dick" Those words hurt so I quickly tried to explain myself.

I said "I found it funny because I can't imagine anyone wanting to cheat on someone as amazing and sexy as you. Any man would kill to wake up in bed next to you every day" I saw the anger leave alex harper case stupid girl and hairy pussy face and tears begin to settle in her eyes so I sat down next to her, placed my arms around her hearing her say "I feel so lonely and unappreciated and I don't know why your father doesn't want me anymore" there was no holding back the tears, she said "I guess it's because I'm no longer sexy or beautiful to him anymore, I mean what kind of man would wa…" I stopped her mid sentence and said "Don't ever think that, you are the most gorgeous, sexiest woman I've ever met and any guy would kill to be with you and don't you worry I'm here for you" and allowed her to cry.

After a few moments she stopped crying and we just sat there for a while with my arms around her and I couldn't help but notice her breast pressing against my side and her hands on my lap close to my manhood.

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It felt good and I couldn't contain my lust filled desires and before I knew it my now semi hard cock was bulging out of my pants.

I prayed for my dick to go down and hoped she hadn't noticed but she did, I felt a hand grip my shaft through my pants and a low sexy voice say "Oh my God". I looked down and the sadness in Vanessa's eyes had disappeared and was replaced by lust and shock. I apologized but her hand on my shaft just made it harder. My face was red from embarrassment.

I tried to explain but then I heard Vanessa say "Umm Noah, I want too . No . Can I .

Can I see you cock? "At this moment I felt guilty for allowing things to go this far with my father's wife and excited that the woman I've fantasized about for six years wants to see my cock. After a few seconds of thinking I stood up from the couch as she remained seated.

I looked her in the eye as I unbuckled my pants and said "If you really want to see it go ahead". After what seemed like an eternity of silence and standing with my hard cock out I placed my member back into my pants but what happened next shocked me. Just as I did, Vanessa reached forward and in one pull dropped both my pants and boxers groping chikan train 3 by packmans my knees and my now fully erect 9 inch cock sprung out like a caged beast being set free and hit the side of her face.

She bit her bottom lip and looked me straight in the eye as she stroked my shaft with both hands. The temptation and lust then overtook us both as she got out of the couch and fell to her knees sliding my cock into her mouth.

I moaned "fuck" as she moved her head back and forth taking me in her mouth. If felt my hard cock fill her mouth as she took it in inch by inch until my entire shaft disappeared behind her lips hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag on my cock. I pulled my cock out and sat on the couch, she followed my lead and knelt down in front of me and started taking my manhood in her lips again.

I've had my cock sucked before but nothing like this.

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I wrapped her long curly hair around both my hands pushing and pulling her head up and down my shaft fucking her face. I couldn't help it "Oh fuck babe I'm gonna cum" as I rammed my cock in her mouth. Load after load I shoot in Vanessa's mouth as she swallowed every last drop and milked my dick dry. Even though I had just blown my load in my stepmom's mouth I was nowhere near satisfied and from the looks of it neither was she.

I released my grip on her hair and brought her up to straddle me, her wet cunt pressing against my now limp cock. I regained my grip on her hair and kissed her passionately, our tongues wrestled with each other as I felt up her breast and round ass.

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She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear "I've never had a man kiss me like this after he came in my mouth, just for that when that big cock of yours gets backup again I want you to fuck me so hard that the neighbours can hear me scream". Her words were like magic, my cock was beginning to get hard once again and I continued to kiss her.

Before I knew it my cock was hard again and Vanessa wasted no time, still on my lap pushed my now fully revived 9 inch cock into her wet pussy.

I was surprised at how tight her pussy was. I slid inch by inch into her hot, wet pussy feeling the walls of her pussy stretch taking me inside her as she moaned with pleasure "Fuck this pussy baby". With about 6 inches of my cock in her snatch, she rocked back and forth on sxnx com cha chong nang dau cock increasing the pace each time. Vanessa rode my cock moaning "Yes baby" "Make me cum" and I intended to do just that, I grabbed her ass and pulled her straight onto my hard, thick cock, she wrapped one hand around my neck and the other grabbed my hair and I heard her let out a loud moan saying "Your cock's so big" "Ahh fuck I'm gonna cum" "Make me cum on this big dick".

I continued pulling her onto my cock, her moans and screams grew louder and louder "I'M CUMMING BABY, FUCK" cumming all over my cock, shaking with her orgasm. But I wasn't done with her.

After a few passionate kisses I placed her on her back to lie on the couch exposing her big breast and soaking wet cunt to me. I slid half my shaft into her pussy.

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It was hot, wet and tight, I knew I couldn't last much longer. I kept sliding my cock deeper and faster into her pussy until all of me was in her. I leaded in to kiss her and kept ramming into her pussy as she wrapped her hands and legs tightly around me. I kept fucking her tight, wet pussy, ramming all 9 inches of my cock into her as she screamed and moaned for sheer pleasure.

I felt the walls of her wet snatch grip my cock, and neither of us could contain our orgasms for much longer "I'm son rape german stepmother porn cum Vanessa" "Me too baby, fill my pussy with your hot cum baby" I felt her hips buckle under me and a wave of cum flood over my cock and Vanessa screaming louder than ever "OH GOD, FUUUUUCK NOAH I'M CUMMING".

I couldn't help it, I let out a loud moan "FUCK" and matched her orgasm with one of my own filling her cunt with my cum. I was now breathless, panting after what was the best sex I ever have, collapsed on top of Vanessa. I laid on the couch with Vanessa now on top of me, our bodies covered in sweat name of the girl or names of the movie each other's cum thinking of tonight's events and how it would affect the relationship me and Vanessa had.

I wanted to continue fucking her but I didn't know if she wanted too and if she just wanted this to be a one-time deal since she is still married to my dad. She must have read my mind because she turned to me and said "Your dad travels a lot so I can't wait to fuck you again and again over this summer" and then gave me a kiss before getting up to shower.

I watched her round perfect ass sway side to side as she walked up the stair catching glimpses of her glistening cum filled pussy. When she disappeared from view I started walking up to my old room to take a shower thinking how can this summer get any better but little did I know this was only the beginning.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of Noah's story