Places I’ve Been #2

Well, spring is in full swing now.  The beaches are rapidly turning green and bears are becoming more and more abundant.  When the sun decides to poke its head out there is warmth in it.  It is my favorite time of year.

Here in the near future I’ll be chasing bears with a good friend.  We hope to get at least 2 toads, but you never know.  I had a chance to get out recently, and this spring is definitely not as early as last year, but we saw 4 nice bears, 2 which were real toads.

I thought I’d post a picture from one of my recent trips to a place I hold dear to my heart.


Windham Bay, Alaska
Windham Bay

Places I’ve Been #1

Keeping in line with my original goal for my blog as being a place to share photos, videos, and my experiences, I decided it was time to start this series.

My goal is to periodically just share photos of places I’ve either been in my personal, or work life.

Port Walter

Port Walter is located on the eastern side of Baranof Island just north or Port Alexander.  It is home to a NOAA research facility and an abandoned herring cannery.

Nakwasina River – Sitka, AK